Destiny: Here’s How To Get Year 1 VIP Rewards For Free

Destiny rewards the users who have played the game since its launch last year. Destiny launched on September 9th last year, which means most of the day 1 buyers are playing the game for an year now. Bungie is offering free VIP rewards for those who have played the game for the whole year.

Destiny’s latest expansion The Taken King will launch today and now Bungie has made the Year 1 VIP rewards available to all those who are eligible for it.

First it is important to mention that if you have already claimed the rewards, you need to delete some items before you attempt the “Veteran’s Tour” quest, as this can result in a bug that will halt progress. Bungie has detailed the steps on their official website on how to avoid it.

To complete the “Veteran’s Tour,” players will need to delete/discard the following items from their inventory in order to accept rewards:

  • “The Old Guard” Shader
  • “Be Brave” Emblem
  • “S-34 Ravensteel” Sparrow

Once you are done with the quest, you can claim these VIP rewards. The Emblem and Shader can bought from the Emblem and Shader Collection under the promotional tab. The Sparrow can also be located at the Vehicle kiosk under the promotional tab.


If you are unable to locate these items in Destiny, you can try signing out and in again, as the servers are currently under load ahead of The Taken King launch.

Destiny: The Taken King expansion will be out on September 15th for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Let us know if you have claimed your VIP rewards in the comments below.

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