Destiny: Here’s How To Glitch Into Phogoth Room Without Strike For 2.1.0 Dead Ghosts

Destiny’ latest update has added new dead ghosts to some locations. One of these is “Rezyl Azzir – Before These Walls” and he can be located in the Phogoth room, which requires the players to do the strike associated with it.

Destiny players have managed to discover a method that allows them to easily glitch into the Phogoth room without attempting the strike, and the best part is that this method works in solo.

To attempt this method for the Dead Ghosts, you need to play as a Titan or Hunter (with Bones) and attempt to pull this jump at the location seen in the screenshot below.



If you are playing as a Warlock, then you will need to use a different path and have to jump light to light to get up to the glitch location.

The video below details the full glitch and how to access the Phogoth room without doing the strike.

Destiny: The Taken King expansion is now available for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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