Destiny House of Wolves: How To Reach Light Level 34 On Day One

Destiny House of Wolves expansion is going to be released on May 19th but the Destiny fans might be interested in knowing how they can max out their potential within the shortest amount of time.

YouTube user Arekkz Gaming has made this neat video detailing steps on reaching Light level 34 on House of Wolves. You can check out this video below.

Destiny was released last September on the PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4. It has received one major expansion so far and the second expansion, titled House of Wolves, is set to release on May 19th.


We recently heard about the upcoming update to Destiny getting delayed, which might affect House of Wolves release, as announced by Bungie.

This new expansions add some new additions to the game but doesn’t come with a new raid. It adds new gear, increases the level limit from 32 and adds new competitive multiplayer mode to Destiny.

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