Destiny – Iron Banner Cancelled Due to Connectivity Issues And Bugs

Bungie has been having a lot of issues with Destiny recently. They were forced to cancel the highly anticipated weekly event known as the Trials of Osiris. Connectivity issues and an in-game bug that allowed players to obtain unlimited rockets caused the event to be cancelled.

Earlier today, Bungie announced that there will be no Iron Banner this week. The event has been cancelled for the same reasons as the Trials of Osiris. The Iron Banner is a monthly event that rewards players with exclusive loot which they can only obtain by participating in it.

These Crucible events are a huge part of Destiny as they reward players with loot which can only be obtained through these events. Aside from the loot, players also get Crucible marks, experience points, reputation for their respective faction and a chance of getting a legendary gear drop.

Bungie have cancelled The Trials of Osiris in the past. However, they have not taken it down while the event is still taking place. For now, players will just have to stick to other events such as The Weekly Nightfall and The Weekly Heroic.

Earlier this month, Bungie also revealed the new Destiny expansion pack called Rise of Iron. In a live stream, they unveiled a complete breakdown of all the new content the upcoming expansion pack will introduce to the game. Rise of Iron is set to come out on September 20th.

Hopefully Bungie will be able to fix all the bugs and issues that currently surround Destiny.

Abdullah Raza


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