Destiny – Iron Banner And Scheduled Maintenance On June 28

Last week, Bungie announced the cancellation of the highly anticipated Destiny Crucible event known as Iron Banner. The event comes once a month and rewards players with unique loot that no other game mode provides. The event was cancelled due to connectivity issues and an in-game exploit that allowed players to obtain unlimited Rocket Launcher Ammo.

A few hours ago, Bungie announced that Destiny will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on June 28. The maintenance will last for 6 hours starting at 8AM PDT and is expected to end at 2PM PDT.

There is good news for Destiny players. Guardians will gain access to the Iron Banner after the scheduled maintenance ends at 2PM PDT.

This past week, Destiny players have been unable to play several game modes due the HONEYDEW code. This prevented players from playing the Nightfall Strikes, Weekly Heroic Strikes, Trials of Osiris and Raid. However, Bungie has since fixed all the issues.


Before the Iron Banner got cancelled, Bungie revealed some of the new loot that players will get be rewarded during the Iron Banner. Players could get their hands on new weapons, armor piece and other cosmetics for their characters. Those rewards will now be offered in the upcoming Iron Banner.

Abdullah Raza


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