Destiny Load Times Comparison Between HDD And SSD

Destiny can have some rather long load times which can disturb the flow of the game. If you want the load times to be faster, you can opt for an SSD for installing the game, which has proven to be quite effective as seen in this comparison.

Reddit user QuesadillaSpalding decided to test out the load times for Destiny using a default stock HDD on the Xbox One versus Samsung T1 Portable 250GB External SSD. The test was carried out on an Xbox One as it supports external hard drives. You can check out his result below.

01 2:31 2:07
02 2:31 2:06
03 2:22 1:46
04 2:24 1:49
05 2:21 1:44
06 2:30 1:51
07 2:23 1:38
08 2:12** 2:03
09 2:21 1:46
10 2:22 1:50


Here is what he had to say about his findings regarding the load times.

*During HDD testing I was disconnected twice, receiving “Currant” error codes. This did not happen during the SSD testing.

**Tower was empty, but I could still visit the vault and vendors, so I left the time in.


HDD average: 2:23

SSD average: 1:52

Average difference: 00:31


Best HDD (2:12) vs. Best SSD (1:38): 00:34 – advantage SSD

Worst HDD (2:31) vs. Worst SSD (2:07): 00:24 – advantage SSD

Best HDD (2:12) vs. Worst SSD (2:07): 00:05 – advantage SSD

Worst HDD (2:31) vs. Best SSD (1:38): 00:53 – advantage SSD

Of course an SSD will always result in faster load times but it is interesting to see what impact an SSD has on a game like Destiny, which can often have long load times.

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