Destiny – New Rise of Iron Exotic And Legendary Weapons Revealed

We are just a month away from the release of Destiny’s next expansion pack called Rise of Iron. Earlier this year, Bungie revealed that the best exotic weapon of all time, The Gjallarhorn, was making its return in the upcoming DLC.

Aside from the return of the Gjallarhorn, Bungie is looking to renew the inventories of all Vanguard, Crucible and Faction Quartermasters. New Exotic weapons have also been revealed for Rise of Iron. We have collected a few images of the new weapons coming to Destiny in the Rise of Iron expansion pack:

Vanguard, Crucible and Faction Weapons:

occams razor

Occam’s Razor is a legendary shotgun, which can be purchased at the Vanguard Quartermaster or obtained via Legendary Engram. The gun’s appearance with the V-shaped paint scheme indicated a relation with the Vanguard.


The white marks on the First Citizen IX and the color scheme indicates that this heavy machine gun belongs to the faction known as the New Monarchy. This Legendary weapon can be purchased from the New Monarchy Quartermaster or obtained via Legendary Engram.


Each New Day is a Fusion Rifle that has the same color scheme as the Occam’s Razor. This weapon will be sold by either the Vanguard or Crucible Quartermaster.

Iron Banner Weapons:

Big changes are coming to the Iron Banner, as Bungie is reworking the event, making it easier for players to reach Iron Banner Rank 5. Players will also be rewarded with drops more often after a match.

The Iron Banner weapons for Rise of Iron look amazing. Bungie designed the weapons that look very unique. Images of these weapons are given below:

Trials of Osiris:

New Trials of Osiris weapons are also included in the Rise of Iron expansion pack. The Scout Rifle image given below is one of the new Trials of Osiris weapons for Rise of Iron:

Burning Eye

Exotic Weapons:

Fans recently found out about the return of the best exotic weapon in Destiny called the Gjallarhorn. Guardians who have been playing Destiny since 2014, know this weapon and its power. This exotic rocket launcher made any quest, Nightfall or Raid boss look like child’s play. The Gjallarhorn is making a return, however, Bungie stated that the rocket launcher will be powerful, but not as powerful as its Year One counterpart.


Every Destiny player’s first weapon was the Khvostov 7G-0X. A basic weapon at the start of the game, the Khvostov is making its return as an exotic auto-rifle. The weapon is said to be the most customizable weapon in Destiny.


Rise of Iron includes a new Exotic Sidearm weapon called Trespasser. Not much is known about the weapon at the moment, however, in the trailer for Rise of Iron, we can clearly see that the sidearm is a three burst weapon.


Similar to the Trespasser, not much is known about the Exotic Heavy Machine gun called Nemesis Star. The N on the weapon stats that it was designed by the weapon foundry called Nadir. The perks of the weapon are unknown.


Destiny fans are gearing up for the Rise of Iron. The expansion pack will be adding tons of new content to Destiny. If players pre-order the Rise of Iron expansion pack, they will receive a Special Gjallarhorn as a pre-order bonus.

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Destiny: Rise of Iron comes out on September 20th, for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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