Destiny: Rise of Iron – How To Complete Wrath of the Machine Raid Monitor Puzzle

Destiny: Rise of Iron had its first raid completed just a few days ago and now some players have managed to solve the Monitor puzzles featured in the Raid.

In case you haven’t played Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Wrath of the Machine raid, there is a certain puzzle involving monitors that required the users to solve an ARG in order to complete it. The first person to complete this puzzle is Datto, who streamed the whole process on Twitter.

There is a thread on reddit that goes in detail on how to solve this puzzle. It turns out that we did need to solve the ARG in order to progress further in the puzzle, you can check out instructions on how to solve this Monitor puzzle below.

  1. Get into the raid
  2. Activate all prior monitors. Use this thread for info on getting the other monitors.
  3. In the Diamond Room 4 people need to stand on these 4 canisters. Stepping order in this step doesn’t matter.
  4. In the Server Room (With the Vandals and Shanks) 2 people need to stand on the two platforms on the left and right sides by the 2 monitors (Left and Right side determined as you enter the room). Once everyone is in place the 2 people in the server room will see an ‘activate monitor’ prompt.
  5. The 4 people in the Diamond need to get back on the Bridge and off the canisters.
  6. To start the sequence:
    • Only 1 person needs to press ‘activate monitor’.
    • Each monitor will then flash to a number. This can be 0000 like the starting sequence or a different number.
    • Note: Row and Columns start at 0 meaning the ‘first’ one
    • Left monitor is the column
    • Right monitor is the row
    • Convert these numbers to decimal with this site.
    • The first person in section 00 then steps on his canister. After he steps on the canister will light up from below. A new number will show on the screen for both people. Convert these numbers. The person in section 01 needs to step on their canister. Keep doing this for all 4 people. Once complete the Diamond will open.
  7. Complete the raid and beat Aksis.
  8. Go to the hidden chest room on the back side of the map. A platform will open to get to it. Activate the last monitor and open the chest. Get the quest.
  9. Complete Quest Step 1
  10. Complete Quest Step 2
  11. Tuning The Engine
    • Each persons numbers (starting, ending, middle) will be different. You will have to do some math here and swapping to get the numbers to add up.
    • Once you solve your puzzle, then set the correct pattern (Top, Middle, Bottom) for each column from each other person in your fireteam in order to add their tuning to yours.
  12. Complete Quest Step 3
  13. Align the Energy Inputs

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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