Destiny: Rise of Iron – Here’s A Handy Map Of The Plaguelands

Destiny: Rise of Iron adds several new locations including a brand new main hub called Felwinter Peak. There is also a whole new Patrol area called Plaguelands.

Reddit user azrael6947 has created a basic map of the Plaguelands which shows its surrounding areas and the requirements to progress to the next one. The player starts at Lords Watch and can make their way to the rest of the areas easily, aside from the one requiring Splicer keys.


Rise of Iron is the first major expansion of Destiny in its Year 3. It features a new raid, strikes and a full story mode that goes in detail on the lore of the Iron Lords.

Destiny: Rise of Iron - How To Find Iron Gjallarhorn Exotic Quest And Iron Gjallarhorn Stats

Destiny: Rise of the Iron is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One. It requires the base Destiny: The Taken King game and can be bought for $30. If you don’t have Destiny, you can jump into Rise of Iron by purchasing Destiny: The Collection featuring all of the DLC and Expansions released so far.

Let us know if you find this simple map useful for Rise of Iron in the comments below.

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