Destiny: Rise of Iron Heroic Mode Raid Coming October 18th

Bungie’s Community Manager, DeeJ, recently released the latest “This Week at Bungie” on the official Bungie website. In the post, he talked about Destiny’s Iron Banner before revealing the news we have all been waiting for.

In the post, he answered one of the most frequently asked questions by players. Since the release of the raid mode, Wrath of the Machine, for Rise of Iron, players have been asking about the Heroic Mode raid. No information was revealed about the Heroic Mode raid so far, but in the post, DeeJ finally revealed the release date.


The Heroic mode Wrath of the Machine raid will be coming out on October 18th. Bungie has given players a week and a half for preparations. DeeJ also confirmed the return of Raid Boss challenges, which is another question that the Destiny community has been asking.

DeeJ also announced the Bungie Bounty event. If you are a new player and do not know what the Bungie Bounty is, it is a chance to play against the team over at Bungie. This is a way for Bungie to show their appreciation, and gives the players a chance to play with the developers of the game they dedicate so much time to. This event will take place on October 12th at 10AM Pacific, and instead of looking for the devs in public lobbies, they will be taking advantage of the new private match feature, and will allow you to join their game for a chance to play against them.

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DeeJ also talked about some of the issues that the community has been complaining about. He stated that a team is looking into the issues. A list of all the issues that are being looked into is given below:

  • The S-39 Lightrider Sparrow is not currently available through Crucible Reputation Packages.
  • Dusty Iron Engrams are incorrectly rewarding Legendary Marks when dismantled.
  • Some players may be unable to reclaim Rise of Iron Crucible Emblems from the Collection in the Tower:
  • Vigilant Disciple
  • Solar Labor
  • Ironwood Alight
  • The New Wolf Pack
  • The issue where the “Student of History” Trophy/Achievement is not rewarded to players after collecting all Iron Lord Artifacts is also being looked into.

DeeJ ended the post by announcing the return of events such as the Festival of Light and the Sparrow Racing League. By the looks of things, Bungie still has a lot of content coming in for Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion pack. Check out DeeJ’s “This Week at Bungie” here.

Are you ready for the Heroic Mode raid? Will you be taking on the challenge as soon as the Heroic Mode raid drops? Let us know in the comment section below.

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