Destiny: Rise of Iron – How To Find Dead Ghosts Location Guide

Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to adding new story missions, strike, raid and weapons to the base game, the new expansion also adds more Dead Ghosts to be located by the player.

There are 31 PVP Dead Ghosts and 8 PVE Dead Ghosts added for Rise of Iron and you can now easily find them using the guide below, courtesy of reddit.

This guide features both written walkthrough as well as links to video for each of the Dead Ghosts.

PVE Dead Ghosts:

Ghost Fragment: The Dark Age 3:
This is at Felwinter Peak social zone. Right next to the main fire pit in the middle.

Ghost Fragment: Mysteries 3:
This one can be found in the second mission “The Walls Come Down”. At the start of the mission head slightly to the right towards the ketch. In a car just before the ketch, the dead ghost is sitting inside. Credit to /u/LadyAlastor for this find.

Ghost Fragment: Old Russia 4:
This one can be found on the second story mission “The Walls Come Down”. Progress through the mission until you reach The Divide. Once here, jump up ontop of the building in front to the left, and then jump up onto the light / post next to it on the left. The ghost is sitting on there. The grimoire didn’t show the name for this, but checked my grimoire cards and it was definitely Old Russia 4.

Ghost Fragment: Fallen 5:
This one can be found on the second story mission “The Walls Come Down” or third mission “The Plaguelands”. Get to the point where you need to enter the hole in the wall in the Rocketyard. Before entering, above you should be a hanging platform. The ghost is on this platform.

Ghost Fragment: Ghosts 2:
This one can be found in the third mission “The Plaguelands”. Once you progress through the mission and pass through Lord’s Watch, you will then reach Bunker Triglav and you need to destroy the shield generators. Once you enter the room with the shield generators, head immediately to your right. The ghost can be found sitting on a pipe hanging on the wall.

Ghost Fragment: Clovis Bray 2:
This one can be found in the fourth mission “Download Complete” on Mars. Progress until you drop down the elevator, and the ghost can be found in the room behind the pillar on the right with monitors on it. This video was before the glitch, but time-stamped to right point.

Legends and Mysteries: Rezyl Azzir: This one can be found on Plaguelands Patrol. Head over to The Archon’s Keep from the Giant’s Husk / Doomed Sea side. Once you reach The Archon’s Keep, head immediately left down the path that leads you to water. Once you’re at the water, over the ledge to the left is a well hidden cave that contains this ghost. Credit to /u/edmoney for finding this ghost. Also to note, this shows in-game as “Rezyl Azzir: The Whisper and the Bone”, but gives you Legends and Mysteries grimoire entry.

Ghost Fragment: Rasputin 6:
This one can be found on the fifth story mission “The Iron Tomb”. Progress through the mission until you reach the Site 6 zone and you take the massive drop down to the underground cave area. Once you progress a little forward and open up the large pathway to the final room of the mission, at the start of of the bridge the dead ghost is on the right.

PVP Dead Ghosts – 4 New Maps:

Floating Gardens:
Start on the ledge near B point. Turn towards C down steps, and right after you’ll see small block/pillar with ghost.

Right next to the pillar immediately on C capture point.

Last Exit:
Start on C, go through the train car on the left facing towards A, go until you reach the second train car, and turn left instead of going in – ghost in corner.

Start at C facing towards zone B, turn left towards railing hop over it and there will be some steps to the right with ghost under.

PVP Dead Ghosts – 27 Old Maps:

All In One Video Guide:
In order of the maps in the director.

The Anomaly:
Behind boxes in C spawn.

Back corner of C spawn.

Room near C spawn, the bridge connecting to the point – left of map if looking out to ledge.

Open outside area, rock on the left of the tunnel that loops around

Black Shield:
In the tunnel between B and C – credit /u/TheStormSpartan.

Blind Watch:
Behind the heavy spawn near A – credit /u/jonnyboywonder.

The Burning Shrine:
Behind the blocks in the middle of the map when going out to the sun, slightly out of map barrier.

Cathedral of Dusk:
Near the special spawn on the inside of the map near the heavy

The Cauldron:
Underneath B spawn in the corner near the door.

Next to the portal on the B spawn island, left side if you’re looking towards the island.

The Drifter:
In the corner near bottom heavy – credit /u/z12kenpachi.

The Dungeons:
Near the special box that spawns near the lower side heavy, on the orange room side.

Exodus Blue:
In the empty hall near A spawn.

Firebase Delphi:
In the far back room inside near C point heavy.

First Light:
Near C point, under the broken section of the bridge that hangs above.

In the bushes near A/C heavy spawn.

Next to the special spawn in the middle hallway.

Far back side of A point on the stairs that overhang the cliff.

Rusted Lands:
Outside of the map near B spawn, you can crouch inside the wall and grab it too.

Sector 618:
On the platform in the middle of the map.

Shores of Time:
On the river side entrance to the cave where everyone is sniped, between a box and the wall.

Plane broken in half by the shore, in the middle on the tail-end side in a bush.

Thieves’ Den:
Behind the A cap point on the pile of gold / blocks.

The Timekeeper:
Outside on a pillar just next to the A capture point.

Twilight Gap:
Behind the box in the upper middle room that connects A and C spawns

To the right of B spawn if looking at the portal, just around the corner

Widow’s Court
Rubble building between C and A spawn.

Destiny: Rise of Iron - Location Of All Dormant SIVA Clusters

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available only for the PS4 and Xbox One. Bungie had earlier confirmed that they will drop support for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game and Rise of the Iron is the first major expansion that is being developed exclusively for the current generation consoles.

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