Destiny: Rise of Iron – Location Of All Dormant SIVA Clusters

Destiny: Rise of Iron is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One. It is the first Destiny expansion that is released in Year 3 for Destiny. It is also a short campaign in term of missions but there is a lot more to the expansion than simple story missions.

Destiny: Rise of Iron features a new form of collectibles called Dormant SIVA Clusters. This guide covers the location of all of these clusters that can be found in the game after installing Rise of Iron expansion.

Dormant SIVA Cluster – 1

The very first Dormant SIVA Cluster can be found at the beginning of the Rise of Iron expansion. Once you jump from the Gondola, check the ledge that is directly ahead of you on your way down the slope to locate a Dormant SIVA Cluster there.

Dormant SIVA Cluster – 2

This Domant SIVA Cluster can be found in the second main story mission, “The Walls Come Down”. It is available at the start of the mission in Ketch, which can be located on the right hand side. Once inside Ketch, follow the stairs on the left and you can find the Dormant SIVA Cluster inside a small gap near the 2 pillars.

Dormant SIVA Cluster – 3

This cluster can be located in the same “The Walls Come Down” mission. Once the player spawns near wrecked vehicles, they have to clear the area of the Fallen enemies. After clearing the area, follow the objective marker but ignore the door. Look to your right to notice a small area past the bridge. This cluster can be found near the back of one of the metal bars.

Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 4

Another cluster that is found in the second story mission, “The Walls Come Down”. Proceed through the story mission until you reach The Divide area. You can locate this cluster in the center of the area inside the corpse of a Devil Walker.

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Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 5

In the same mission, once you reach The Divide area, head towards The Steppes near Dock 13. Go through the first couple of rooms until you reach an open area full of Fallen enemies. You will find the Dormant SIVA Cluster on the left between the gaps.

Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 6

There are different ways to obtain this Dormant SIVA Cluster. You can try to locate it during Patrol mode or missions, “The Walls Come Down” and “The Plaguelands”. Just before the Sepiks Strike path, there is an area where the Knights used to spawn. The Cluster can be found in a room nearby behind a computer.

Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 7

This Cluster can be found in Felwinter Peak, which is the new social hub for Rise of Iron. There are some rocks that can be climbed and this Dormant SIVA Cluster is located at the top of them.
Felwinter Peak, the brand new social gathering area, is home to this Dormant SIVA Cluster. Where you spawn look to your left and you’ll see some rocks that you can climb. You need to climb all the way to the top.

Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 8

Similar to Cluster number 6, this can be found through Patrol or when doing missions, “The Walls Come Down” and “The Plaguelands”. Head towards Rocketyard and go to Refinery. You can find a hole inside that leads to a Train area. Continue through until there is a Hive Ship on your left. The Cluster is located inside behind one of the pillar.


Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 9

This can be located near Cluster number 8. Head to the location featuring the Sepiks Strike mision until you reach The Blast. The cluster can be found in the large doorway behind a pillar near the area with the Walker just before the Sepiks battle.

Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 10

This cluster is found in the story mission, “The Plaguelands”. Proceed through the mission until you reach “Lords Watch” area. The cluster can be located underneath the SIVA near the SIVA wires.

Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 11

Just like the previous cluster, this can be found in “The Plaguelands” quest. Proceed through the mission until you reach the shield generators that have to be destroyed. Once there, look for a control tower that has an enemy ship inside it. The cluster is found on the floor of the ship.

Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 12

In the “The Plaguelands” mission, proceed to reach the final area where you receive the objective about Splicer Battery. You will be required to destroy large gun emplacements and this big one on the right has a SIVA Cluster on the top.

Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 13

In the “Download Complete” quest. Once you reach the point where you have to jump down an elevator. You will reach a terminal once jumping down and this cluster can be found to the right of the terminal behind one of the screens.

Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 14

In the boss battle of the story mission, “The Iron Tomb”, once you reach Giant’s Husk, don’t go to the objective but instead head right until you see an area with water. Once you reach the water, head right to find a boat with a cluster on it.

Dormant SIVA Cluster Location – 15

This last SIVA Cluster is found in the final boss battle. Once you manage to grab the Giant Axe, you can locate the cluster against one of the pillars in the boss room. Make sure you don’t start the encounter with the boss otherwise it will be hard to grab the cluster.

Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion is now available for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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