Destiny: Shotguns get a major nerf

Bungie has announced in a recent update that its shooter, Destiny, will have some updates earlier this week. The patch will include a major Nerf to the Shotguns. After this major patch 2.0.1., the shotguns won’t be able to kill a person in a single shot. The patch will also remove the shot package perk, and thus, shotguns will become less lethal.

The patch discloses that any of the shotguns, which had the advantage before the update, will now receive a major nerf. Bungie further added that it considers the patch an important step towards maintaining balance.
Shotgun nerfed

This patch was announced alongside the introduction of a micro-transaction system to the game. According to the developer, players will soon be able to purchase in-game currency to buy equipment (similar to Steam Wallet) using real money . Many of the analysts and experts say that such kind of a step would give a huge benefit (hundred of millions dollars) per year to Activision. Thanks to the healthy and dedicated community that Destiny enjoys, Activision’s annual revenue is bound to go higher with purchasable in-game currency.

Destiny has become the top-selling game for the month of September on the PSN store. Other popular games like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, FIFA 16, and NBA 2K16 were left behind by Bungie’s first-person shooter. The game’s sales received a major boost due to the release of its new expansion pack, The Taken King.

Do you think that the nerf to shotguns will have a positive impact the overall gameplay in Destiny? Let us know in the comments below.

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