Destiny: The Taken King – Complete guide to the Sparrow Racing League

With the latest 2.1.0 update in Destiny: The Taken King, the Sparrow Racing League (SRL) was introduced. This new addition allows players to go to Venus and Mars in new Sparrows on a quest to obtain new equipment and reputation. A few tips and tricks are mentioned below to help you get a good start on the other Sparrow Racers and earn some cool gearing equipment.

Obtain Sparrow Racing League License

To obtain your SRL license you need to complete a quest given by Amanda Holliday. She gives you the SRL License Quest and offers daily and weekly SRL Bounties to upgrade your reputation as well. Some part of the quest allows you to earn a new Sparrow to use for racing, and with the potential to earn SRL gear and Shaders with every race. Any legendary gear you purchase from Amanda starts off at low light levels and costs 75 Legendary Marks for a helmet and 50 Legendary Marks for various other items.

Sparrow Racing League Basics

Up to six players can compete in a single race, with the ability to play solo matches or along with friends in party. Each race consists of three laps. Make sure to lookout for the other Guardians in the race as well as a variety of deadly obstacles on your way to the finish line.

The initial phase of the race will consist of mines, fan blades, and even a few enemies on the path to victory. Although mines won’t end your racing career but they will slow you down, which is almost as bad as ending your career. It’s important to avoid these obstacles as much as you can if you want to take first place in any given race. Taking a route from Mario Kart, it is possible to fall off the map in certain areas, causing instant death in most cases.

In SRL, you won’t have any weapons with you, so your only defense against other Guardians and enemies are obstacles. When you see an obstacle coming up, get in position to smash an opposing player or enemy into one of them to either slow them down or knock them out of the race. Once again, just like Mario Kart, if you die or cause someone to die during a race, they’ll resurrect around the point where they died.


Quick Tips to Campus Martius Track (Mars)

Campus Martius is always a good option if you have a tough time staying on the track. There aren’t many edges to fall off this track, but there are plenty of enemies, a few mines and giant fan blades that you’ll want to avoid. Make sure to lookout for the Fan Blades when you’ll hit max speed on the track. There are also penalty of boost gates between the fans but before going for them, make sure that you’re already going good on the track.

Quick Tips to Infinite Descent Track (Venus)

On Infinite Descent track, you’ll have to deal with the Fallen and plenty of places in which you can fall off the track. You’ll have to face Vex Hydras and a Fallen Spider Tank which make this track a hell to drive on. There are also a number of jumps which can be very dangerous if you’re grouped together with several other Guardians. However, you can use this to your advantage by knocking them off the track during these situations.

Sparrow Racing League Record Book

At the Eververse Trading Company booth you will find Tess Everis selling new emote and the SRL Record Book (Volume One). By purchasing the Record Book for 1,000 Silver (or $10), you can use it to track your stats as you progress through the event. You can also save your best times to earn exclusive rewards, including the Momentum Shield, Sign of Momentum emblem, Momentum’s Pride shader, Defense, and a pack of gloves and boots.

You can purchase Custom Horn Kits for 100 Silver that allow you to obtain a random Legendary Horn, or pick up a Sparrow Toolkit for 500 Silver to obtain a Legendary Sparrow. In some cases you may not need to spend the Silver on the Custom Horn Kit as it is possible to get the item drops from Nightfall. What make the drops more exciting is that there’s  a chance to score the EV-43 Lightrunner vehicle.

Sparrow Racing League Rewards

You can get Legendary Sparrows, Sparrow Horns, racing gear, emblems and shaders by completing racing activities, bounties and quests. Activate the horns with Circle (PS4) or B (Xbox). Sparrow Horns are also rewarded by picking up a Custom Horn Kit from the Eververse Trading Company.

The rewards are given at the end of each race, and by completing your daily and weekly bounties (via Amanda Holliday) you can rank up to earn better rewards. You’ll need to complete 10 daily bounties within a week to complete the weekly bounty, which guarantees a legendary item drop.


Sparrow Racing League Bounties

Below is the complete description of each bounty that can be obtained in Sparrow Racing League.

Bounty Description
Bugs on the Windshield Kill enemies on the track during any Sparrow Racing League race.
Go Big or Go Home Complete 10 other Sparrow Racing League bounties.
Mars Pacesetter Complete an Sparrow Racing League lap on Mars in under 2 minutes.
Martian Monopoly Place in the top 3 in a race on Mars.
Pacesetter Finish Sparrow Racing League races in the top 3.
Speed Bumps Kill enemies on the track during any Sparrow Racing League race.
Threading the Needle Hit 15 consecutive gates.
Through the Gates Hit gates during any Sparrow Racing League race.
Trick Rider Complete tricks in Sparrow Racing League races, including emotes, rolls and flips.
Venus Pacesetter Complete an Sparrow Racing League lap on Venus in under 2 minutes.
Venusian Victory Lane Place in the top 3 in a race on Venus.
Wear the Shiny Off Complete a race without destroying your Sparrow.


Sparrow Racing League Item Bonuses

The complete description of bonuses for each item in Sparrow Racing League is below.

Item Bonuses
Boots Increased fuel bonus from successful tricks.
Chest Reduces summoning cooldown after Sparrow is destroyed.
Class Increased Sparrow Racing League reputation gains.
Gauntlets Reduced fuel consumption during side-boosts.
Helmets Increased aerial control; reduced Sparrow-mounting time while holding summon button.

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