Destiny: The Taken King – How to complete ‘????????’ patrol missions

Destiny: The Taken King brings with it a new slew of surprises, among which is a mission identified by a string of question marks. The mission prompt is followed by your Ghost mentioning that you’ve received a transmission that can’t be decoded. From there, you’ll be directed to a mission with the name ‘???????’.


In order to complete these Patrol missions, you are required to do one of three tasks. However, the catch is that you aren’t told what these tasks exactly are.

Provided that you wait long enough to try and figure them out for yourself, most of the question marks will begin to be replaced with text. The text is essentially a hint that will allow you to guess your task. Alternatively, you may end up randomly encountering the solution on your own.

When asked to complete one of these random missions, try one of the following three tasks:

  • ‘Dancefloors mastered’ – perform an emote. It doesn’t have to be dance.
  • ‘Critical kills’ – dispatch enemies with precision shots.
  • ‘Resources collected’ – open chests and harvest materials.

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