Destiny The Dawning Brings Back Sparrow Racing League And More

Earlier today at the PlayStation Experience 2016, fans got a chance to look at Destiny’s upcoming update, The Dawning. The Dawning update will be bringing back something that the fans have been waiting for months now. The update will be bringing back the long awaited, Sparrow Racing League.

Alongside the return of the Sparrow Racing League, the update will introduce a new scoring system for strikes, which will change the way you play the game. The Dawning will introduce new weapons, gear and quests as well.

The Dawning Update will also add new gifts and treasures for the Sparrow Racing League. These gifts and treasures include mask, emblems and shaders for your guardians. As you can see in the trailer above, Bungie will be going with the Siva/Christmas theme for these items.

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The Dawning will also add new ornaments to the game which will change the appearance of the weapons, however, these ornaments will not have an impact on the weapon’s stats. The new SRL will feature two brand new racing tracks and fans will be able to race their sparrows in a private match even after the event concludes.

destiny-sparrow-racing-league The Dawning

The Dawning update will be bring back the super popular exotic sniper, The Ice Breaker. The weapon was the ideal sniper rifle back in year one, as the ammo for the weapon replenished over time. The Ice Breaker will drop when completing Zavala’s new Nightfall bounty.

The Red Death, Thorn, The Last Word, and Black Spindle are also getting new ornaments. Check out how they look in the images below:

The Dawning update will be available for download on December 13th. The Sparrow Racing League will also begin alongside the update, and will conclude on January 3rd.

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