Destiny’s update 1.2.0 delayed due to “late-game breaking technical issue”

Bungie has announced a delay in the deployment of Destiny’s first pre-House of Wolves patch. Update 1.2.0 is one of two major scheduled patches that are to go live prior to the release of the game’s second expansion. The developer has cited a last-minute technical hiccup as the reason for the delay, which would’ve resulted in game launching issues for a large portion of users.


Technically, the patch has been available since last week. However, Bungie has not activated it on the server-end as yet, and is instead conducting further testing in order to avoid potential issues. While no patch notes have been made available thus far, the update is said to bring key world changes to the game that would prepare it for much-anticipated House of Wolves expansion. These changes include the termination of the Commendations system that was deployed with The Dark Below, and the ability to exchange materials with other Guardians through the Speaker.

The second update,, is set to arrive on May 19th, the same day that House of Wolves will be made available. It will deploy the “final delivery and activation” of the game’s second expansion. Bungie has promised to share daily updates on the deployment schedule leading up to the release of House of Wolves as soon as they become available.

Destiny’s second expansion, House of Wolves, can be purchased individually for $19.99, or as part of the Destiny Expansion Pass for $34.99.

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