Destiny | Festival of the Lost Comes Out This Tuesday

Moments ago, PlayStation released the trailer for Destiny’s upcoming event, Festival of the Lost. This event comes around once a year and features new content for the game.

The Festival of the Lost comes around in October to celebrate the Halloween season. Last year, the event added Masks, Shaders and other consumable cosmetic items which added effects to your character’s respawn animation.

This year, the event features all of the content mentioned above, as well as a few new things. The Festival will introduce Treasures of the Lost, which have a chance of dropping brand new masks, a brand new sparrow, new Ghost Shells, Respawn animation consumables, weapon ornaments and brand new emotes. As you can see in the trailer above, some of these emotes and masks look amazing.

Destiny Festival of the Lost Treasure of the Lost

All of the content mentioned above can only be obtained during the event. In this year’s Festival of the Lost, you can obtain an Aksis mask, an Oryx mask, a Xur mask, and much more. The Festival of the Lost also includes quests which will reward you with Treasures of the Lost. The Treasure of the Lost has a chance of dropping any of the rewards seen in the images above.

Destiny To Get "Festival of the Lost" In Time For Halloween

Festival of the Lost will be coming to Destiny this Tuesday, for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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