A Detailed Look At Project Wight

Project Wight is an upcoming first person horror game by independent studio The Outsiders, which was co-founded by industry veteran David Goldfarb, former lead designer for DICE on games such as Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, as well as game director for Payday 2.

Project Wight is set in an alternative history of the viking era, where humans exist alongside an endangered species of creatures that have not yet been named. You play as these quadruped creatures in a world where they are mercilessly hunted, and take on this role from the time you are a young creature to when you are grown up.


Young creatures are more proficient at sneaking, climbing and can even utilize small crevices in the cave walls that may be too small for larger creatures. You are also very vulnerable at this stage, being so weak that even one of the weaker humans can easily kill you.

We then get a look at an adolescent creature which is not only larger in size, but can also engage in combat. You are physically stronger at this stage and can even use a roar like attack to momentarily stun your opponents. At this stage you even posses a wingsuit-like membrane on you arms, and maybe on other parts of your body aswell, that allows you to glide off of ledges.

An excerpt from the website reads:

Project Wight is no ordinary RPG. Turning its focus to the person on the other side of your sword, it offers a unique spin on a familiar form, that could only come from a team that do things their own way.  Modeled on record labels and theatre groups, The Outsiders aren’t troubled by bucking convention. They embrace a ‘punk rock ethos’ rather than the typical start-up model. The result? A captivating, subversive game concept turning heads long before pre-production.”

As of yet, not much else is known about Project Wight other than what the video sneak peek and the official website tells us, except that it is powered by the Unity game engine, and takes inspiration from heavy metal album covers, monster movies and even the 1815 epic poem Beowulf.

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