Details about DriveClub Racing Environment Revealed

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014, or commonly referred to as E3 2014 is only a few minutes away and before it kicks off, the hosts managed to grab hold of Sony’s SVP of Product Development, Scott Rhode, to give us a preview of the upcoming social racing game “DriveClub” developed by Evolution Studios.


According to Scott Rhode, the game has undergone “major transformation in the last few months” and the final product would be worth waiting for. The main focus of the game is as a social game but many licensed cars and tracks would ensure the game is equally as fun in single-player.

More details were provided about the gameplay environment . The day night cycle is in full effect and we can also change the cycle speed so that if the race lasts even for 5 minutes, we could start at night and by the time we reach the finish line it would be day time, enjoying a gentle sunrise on the way!

He also said that “NASA Satellite data has been used for an accurate depiction of the constellations”


The game is scheduled to be launched on October 7th, 2014 for PlayStation. We will provide you with more details as it is made available so stay tuned!

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