Details on Xbox One Update for July

The guys over at Microsoft strive to make their console the best it can be. The Xbox One receives updates every month, these include patches from minor improvements and tweaks to addition of major features. The month of July will be different, this time the update focuses on the user itself.

The update will include the ability to allow users to switch English voice models as they seem fit. If you are an expatriate living in an English speaking country, you can choose the spoken language of your Xbox One from different language models that fit you. Achievement snap is a feature which will allow gamers to view and track their achievements without leaving the game, this will all be done in real time and you also have a ‘Get Help’ option which will give you relevant tips and hints straight to your TV if you are struggling on an achievement.


Another cool feature added is the Double-tap to Snap feature which allows you to switch between snap-able apps instantaneously. Double tap the controller button to bring up Snap Center, which will allow you to launch achievements and launch snap-able apps. Soon, game publishers will be able to offer digital game bundle packs and compilation disks which will allow users to have more flexible options when buying games. You will also have the ability to ‘Like’ Game DVR clips of your choice, along with this activity feed items in Smart Glass are in development.

The update looks promising but the release date was not announced so you will have to wait and see when Microsoft gives the update the green light.

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