Detroit Become Human Developer Quantic Dream Teases “Great News” Heading Into 2019

Quantic Dream just released Detroit Become Human for the PS4 but they haven’t revealed what they have planned next.

Detroit Become Human was the third game by Quantic Dream that was released exclusively for the PlayStation platform. They started with Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls on PS3 and followed it up with Detroit Become Human on PS4. Quantic Dream is more of a third party for Sony as they don’t own it and hence they work independently, but they haven’t revealed anything about their next project.

Detroit Become Human was their fastest selling game to-date and has sold through 2 million copies worldwide. It still has a long way to go before it can sell as well as Heavy Rain, but for now, it seems to be doing great in its debut year.

Detroit Become Human was their most ambitious project with a script that was more than 2000 pages long. It offered multiple choices in story and gave the player freedom in how they approached the different scenarios, albeit with certain limitations. It was visually gorgeous and had some great performance from the voice actors including Bryan Dechart.

Quantic Dream is based in France where they also had a legal battle recently with some of their ex-employees over allegations of misconduct. Since they are not the first-party studio for Sony, it will be interesting to see what they take as their next project, whether it is to extend their partnership or go multiplatform.

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