Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Pre-Order Features A Bonus Free Game

Detroit: Become Human was just announced to launch on May 25th and the digital deluxe edition of the game is now available to pre-order on the EU PlayStation Store. What’s different in this edition of the game is that there are some extra features included in addition to the game. One of the extra is the PS4 remaster of Heavy Rain, which launched in a bundle with Beyond Two Souls.

Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition can be seen on the EU PlayStation Store and will set you back £52.99. The following bonus is included in this package.

Digital Deluxe Edition includes:
• Heavy Rain on PS4™. Play straight away on PS4™ when you pre-order.
• Digital art book.
• Digital Deluxe Soundtrack.
• Avatars.
• Cyber Life and Main Character PS4™ dynamic themes.

Detroit: Become Human is one of the most ambitious project by Quantic Dream. They developed it on a brand new 3D engine that is pushing the PS4 to its limits. The announcement of the release date also included multiple 4K screenshots showcasing some of the new cast of characters. The game’s script was one of the largest written by David Cage.

Detroit: Become Human will launch on May 25th for the PS4. The game is developed by Quantic Dream and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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