Detroit: Become Human Is The Most Successful Quantic Dream Game Since Launch

Detroit: Become Human is finally available to play on the PS4. It was developed by Quantic Dream, who have worked exclusively on the PlayStation platform for 2 generations now. After the success of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream followed with the rather disappointing Beyond Two Souls, however Detroit: Beyond Human is easily their best work since inception.

Quantic Dream’s co-Founder, Guillaume de Fondaumière has taken it to Twitter to announce that Detroit: Become Human is their most successful launch so far after week 1. This means the ambitious story-focused adventure game has been a big success for them and it should be able to beat the sales record set by Heavy Rain if the sales manage to hold well.

Detroit: Become Human was their best selling game during its launch week in UK beating State of Decay 2. It managed to reach sales similar to Beyond Two Souls but this is without counting the digital copies, which can be somewhere between 20 to 30% of its retail sales.

Detroit: Become Human features a branching story narrative that revolves around 3 different Androids. It is set in a fictional futuristic Detroit where Humans have managed to create intelligent robots that can do everyday task or any work in general. It is set during a time when the Androids slowly began to get sentient leading to an uprising among them.

Detroit: Become Human is available now exclusively for the PS4.

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