Detroit: Become Human PS4 Pro Features Detailed

Detroit: Become Human will use the improved hardware of the PS4 Pro to render at 4K resolution, as confirmed by Quantic Dreams at their GDC 2018 presentation. Detroit: Become Human is launching soon for the PS4 and just like it has been the case with most first party games for PS4, the additional hardware power offered by the PS4 Pro is utilized by the developers to bring some improvements to the game.

The first and most important upgrade is for the resolution which has been increased from the native 1080p resolution on the PS4 to checkerboard 2160p resolution on the PS4 Pro, or basically the same setup as the upcoming God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn. There is also slight tweak to the visuals with the PS4 Pro featuring improved volumetric lighting compared to the regular PS4.

Unlike God of War for the PS4 Pro, which offers performance mode, there is no such option available in Detroit: Become Human. The upgrade to resolution and lighting is the only significant addition and it also confirms that both version will run at the game at 30 FPS.

Detroit: Become Human is now set to launch on May 25 for the PS4. It is developed by Quantic Dreams and will be published by Sony Interaction Entertainment.

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