Detroit Become Human Script Is 2,000 Pages Long, Most Ambitious Game By Quantic Dream

Detroit Become Human was originally shown in 2015 and has been making an appearance at every E3 since then. Just like Days Gone, Detroit Become Human still hasn’t received a proper release date yet and the reason for this is the ambitious nature of the game, which makes it one big project for Quantic Dream.

Quantic Dream have previously worked on Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls for the PS3. They are currently working on Detroit Become Human and judging from the comments made by David Cage in an interview with Geoff Keighley, it is their most ambitious game to date.

David Cage talked about the script of the game and how long it has been so far. According to Cage, they have written more than 2000 pages of the script and have finished doing all the performance capture and are currently working on implementing all the various scenarios in the game, making it more playable and fun.

David Cage compares the different outcomes in the story to choose your own adventure type of game and considers Detroit an advanced form of this genre. He shares an example that instead of picking a page in choose your own adventure, the player will pick each sentence to advance the story. The aim of the game was to let the player tell their own story. The main characters in the game can all be killed but that won’t end the game, instead the story will pick up from the perspective of a different character. So there can be a multiple story events that are missed by the player just because they can’t save a character.

Detroit Become Human is the most ambitious game developed by Quantic Dream according to David Cage. It is being developed on a brand new engine by Quantic Dream. There is no release date mentioned for it yet but considering the scope of the game, don’t expect it anytime soon.

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