Detroit: Become Human Sells 1M Copies In 2 Weeks, Fastest Selling Quantic Dream Game

Detroit: Become Human has sold 1 million units in 2 weeks as announced by Quantic Dream. It has managed to become the fastest selling Quantic Dream game surpassing Heavy Rain.

Detroit: Become Human is the biggest project undertaken by Quantic Dream so far. It offers a branching story narrative and features 3 different characters with their fate ultimately placed in the hands of the player. Detroit: Become Human is also the best selling Quantic Dream game in Japan so far.

This news was shared by French financial newspaper Les Échos and they had comments from Guillaume de Fondaumiere who is the co-founder of Quantic Dreams.

“We have just passed the million mark sold for Detroit: Become Human, two weeks after the release of the game, said Guillaume de Fondaumiere, the deputy CEO of the French independent studio. This is clearly our best start.

The sales of the game are outpacing Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls. It also seems to have a great social media buzz and views on YouTube.

Detroit: Become Human is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that Quantic Dream has developed as an independent studio under the partnership with Sony. They have worked in the past on Sony with Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls so this is their 3rd exclusive project with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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