Detroit: Become Human Update Version 1.04 Adds Chloe Back; Here’s How To Get Her

Detroit: Become Human has received a brand new update today for the PS4. This update is intended for the players who have managed to lose the Chloe, the robotic companion that hangs around the main menu screen. If you haven’t played Detroit yet, this article might spoil an important moment for the game. Otherwise, if you have finished the game, you can read it without any spoilers.

Detroit: Become Human features Chloe as a character on the main menu screen. Her job is to talk with the player during the main menu navigation and she can also make a lot of important comments, do surveys and ask the player’s opinion at various points of the story. She feels like someone that manages to connect with the personality of the character in Detroit and knows all about how you handled them.

As soon as you finish Detroit, it is possible that depending on the choices that you make during the story, Chloe might leave the main menu screen forever. Recently, Quantic Dream conducted a poll on Twitter to ask for player feedback regarding the return of Chloe and have finally implemented this in a new update.

This is a brand new model for Chloe though so it won’t have the same memories as its predecessor, while if you set her free at the end of the game, the original Chloe model is still out there enjoying her life.

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