Detroit Become Human Update Version 1.06 Finally Allows 100% Game Completion

Quantic Dream has released a brand new update for Detroit Become Human today. This is a rather small update that weighs in under 200 MB but it seems to resolve one of the most annoying problems with the completion percentage of the game.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the flowchart that is presented for every scenario, there were a couple of odd bugs in there. Some events listed in the flowchart with nodes were not accessible through any in-game means and this basically made the 100% completion percent a glitch for anyone who was attempting it.

Detroit Become Human Update Version 1.06 Patch Notes

The most recent update that patches the game to version 1.06 is live now on the PS4 and it has fixed this issue once and for all by completing removing the buggy nodes. The official patch notes simply mention bug fixes and improvements. The followed nodes were removed as explained by reddit user HorseySeven.

For Fugitives, there was a node that was left locked. In the supermarket, when you threaten the cashier, and he pulls his gun out on you, there was supposedly a third option, but only two were ever shown. The node has been removed from the flowchart.

For On the Run, there was a node just outside of the grouping where Connor Investigates the Squat. No one ever found what node it was, and it was deemed a glitch. That node has also been removed from the flowchart.

For Battle for Detroit – Kara – Leaving Detroit, there was one node in the grouping “Avoid Temperature Check”, which was never found, and was deemed a glitch. That node has been removed from the flowchart as well

Detroit Become Human is available exclusively for the PS4. It was developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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