Detroit: Become Human Will Take Around 8 To 10 Hours For Completion

Detroit: Become Human was revealed at Sony’s Paris Games Week conference. It has received its first gameplay trailer at E3 2016 that showcased some interesting gameplay segment allowing the users to alter the turn of events with the choices they make in the game.

Detroit: Become Human is being developed by Quantic Dreams, who are famous for their work on Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls for the PS3. Both of these games also focused on a cinematic story and had their own unique story. Detroit: Become Human appears to take it one step further by putting the new game in a complete sci-fic settings where the world is full of Androids – Human like Robots. The game is essentially tackling slavery as a an issue and features some strong themes.

detroit-become-human-screens (1)

In an interview at E3 2016, the game director David Cage has revealed the length of the game. According to David Cage, the game can take somwhere between 8 to 10 hours for the first time. Since it will offer the users to create their own story, this improves its replay value as it encourages multiple playthroughs.

Detroit: Become Human was showcased at the Sony E3 2016 press conference with a gameplay trailer highlighting the impact of the choices made by players, that will dramatically alter the events. Needless to say, the game looks like a huge step forward compared to games like Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain, and has jaw dropping graphics that could be mistaken for pre-rendered CGI.

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