Developer confirms this is what the PS5 Dev Kit looks like

A concept image of a mystery Sony device was leaked a few days ago which has now been confirmed to be the PS5 Dev Kit according to a Codemasters developer.

The concept appeared a few days ago on a Dutch website, which discovered the design patent created by Sony Engineer Yusuhiro Ootori.

Consider the device’s design was being patented by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which covers the PlayStation brand many speculated this to be a developer kit of some sort for the PS5. Plus it looks like something that would fit the bill right?

Well today a developer at Codemasters confirmed that this is indeed what the PS5 dev kit looks like and they have many lying in their office.

The tweet has now been removed, which we assumed is due some sort of NDA that the developer forgot about. Oh well, the removal is as good as a confirmation we can get right now. Stott has also now put a lockdown on his account.

Thoughts on the dev kit? Looks crazy with what looks to be intake fans in the middle.

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