Developer Explains How They Ported Bastion To Vita Running At 60 FPS

Bastion was recently pored to the Vita by Blit Works, an independent development studio who is well known for porting games to the PS Vita. The game apparently runs at 60 fps on the Vita which is remarkable considering the age of the hardware and the difficult code base of the original game.

Bastion Vita port was handled by Blit Works and recently the developer published a detailed blog on how they approached this port and the difficulty that they had in porting across the development of the game. You can read the full blog in detail on Gamasutra. It is highly recommend to do so if you want to learn how game optimizations work, and what kind of techniques can be used to optimize games for a weaker hardware.

Bastion was originally released for the Xbox 360 and was coded in C#/XNA. The developers had to convert it from C# to C++ in order for the game to run natively on the Vita, as the PS Vita lacked support for C# even if there was a little of it for the PS Mobile developers. They also explain the memory restrictions of Vita and how they optimized the game to tun at closer to 60 fps and decreased the load times.


Bastion is now available for the PS Vita and PS4. It is cross-buy for both platforms meaning you can get the game on the platform of your choice and enjoy it free of cost on the other platform.

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