Developers Are Already Working On Xbox Scorpio Games, Hardware And Platform

Xbox Scorpio has been called “one of the most powerful console”, and it is currently set for a release in Holiday 2017. Even though the console won’t be released until Holiday 2017, Microsoft is already working on games, platform and hardware for the upcoming console.

This was confirmed by the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, in a tweet. In a response to one of his follower, he revealed that developers are already working on games, platform and hardware for the Xbox Scorpio console.

Xbox Scorpio will have 6 tera flops of GPU processing power. This is a huge leap over the original Xbox One with its 1.3 tera flops of GPU power. It it also above the 1.8 tera flops of GPU processing power of the PS4, which makes it the most powerful console in the market when it will be released in Holiday 2017.

Project scorpio

Microsoft hasn’t shared much details about the hardware aside from the 6 tera flops bullet point but they have repeatedly called it one of the most powerful console that will have the capability to render games at native 4K. It will be also backwards compatible with all the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games released so far, which makes it a great value for money at launch considering the huge backlog of Xbox 360 and Xbox One games that will be available for it at launch.

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