Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Review (PS4)

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is a re-release of the original Devil May Cry 4 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It is essentially a new game on its own and carries a budget price tag. Not only it brings back the classic Devil May Cry gameplay, it also serves as a gateway for the newcomers hopefully paving the way to a proper sequel to Devil May Cry 4.

The game packs a ton of content featuring multiple playable character including fan favorite Vergil, Trish and the Lady from Devil May Cry 3. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is directed by Hideaki Itsuno, who also directed the original game. Since the development of the game was carried internally, we can expect the same old gameplay which the series is known for in the past.

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Devil May Cry 4 story mostly focuses on a new character: Nero Angelo. He has the power of Devil Bringer in his arm allowing the developers to create new mechanics for the game. This results in Nero using his Devil Bringer arm to pull enemies from far away or punch them to death. Players can also control Dante in the later half of the game. This always used to be a controversial decision harking back to Metal Gear Solid 2 and its inclusion of Raiden as the main character.

This re-release is pretty barebone in term of graphical upgrade but the resolution has been upgraded from 720p to full HD on current generation consoles and the game now runs at locked 60 fps. At first, it appears that some of the textures have also gone under some upgrade but this doesn’t really apply to the whole game. Lighting also appears to be tweaked giving the game a different look compared to the original.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition sports the same crazy gameplay that the series has been known for in the past. It still holds up pretty well and manages to be fun as well as challenging. It is a joy to unleash some of the combos after mastering the combat system, and this can be seen in the form of the various gameplay videos based on the combos in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.

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The new characters in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition have their own unique characteristics which makes them fun to use in the game. Vergil can be lighting fast with his attacks using his Sword or we can use Lady, who is equipped with a Rocket Launcher. Aside from the new characters, players are also able to control Dante and Nero Angelo, both of whom have their own distinct play style.

While the gameplay holds well, the game design feels archaic and in a need of upgrade. There is a lot of backtracking throughout the story and this tends to get boring after a while. Not only many of the areas and environments are repeated throughout the story, players also have to fight the same boss battles again, albeit with a different hero the second time around. This design needs to be revoked and taken to the drawing board if Capcom ever greenlights a brand new sequel to Devil May Cry 4.

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The upgrades to the game in itself are also a good incentive to get this version considering the multiple playable characters and new scenario surrounding Vergil. It is a shame that the game is pared back by its old school design, and also has a lot of backtracking that affects the pacing of the game. But despite this all, the gameplay still holds up well and the inclusion of three new playable characters results in more replay value for the game.

This review coves the PS4 version of the game.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Review (PS4)


If you are looking for a good action game and have never played Devil May Cry 4, it is a worthy candidate for sure.


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