Devil May Cry 5 Confirmed To Take Place After Devil May Cry 2

Devil May Cry 5 will finally shatter the trend of prequels after it was confirmed by a producer that the game will take place after Devil May Cry 2. In case you are not a fan of the series, the 2nd entry is the most controversial one due to a rocky development cycle and repetitive game design that plagued the second game. It had one of the coolest design for Dante but the rest of the game was so bad that fans want to forget it exists.

Recently, Matt Walker, who is a producer working on Devil May Cry 5, has revealed on Twitter that the latest entry in the series will take place after Devil May Cry 2. This will make it the first time in the series since the game is an actual sequel after both Devil May Cry 3 and 4 were prequels.

Devil May Cry 3 was a prequel to the first Devil May Cry. It featured a young and energetic Dante and introduces his twin brother Vergil. This was followed with Devil May Cry 4, which was still set before 2 but after the events in the first 3 Devil May Cry games. The recent entry will finally give fans a chance to experience the joy of playing as old man Dante in a Devil May Cry game.

Devil May Cry 5 will be out on March 8th, 2019, for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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