Devil May Cry 5 development is 75% finished, more info later this summer

Some juicy new information about Devil May Cry 5 has been revealed in the latest Famitsu issue.

The magazine dedicated a full four pages to Devil May Cry 5 and went over a lot of information about the game, lets go over some of the new things we learned from the spread.

The game’s development is around 75% complete. This is great to see as it preps up for its March 2019 release. The article also talks a bit about the game’s villain who still hasn’t been revealed or given a name yet. The villain is supposedly stronger than all the foes the Devil Hunters have faced since the series started. This makes sense since its supposed to be the last game in the mainline series.

Something mysterious is happening in the Demon World which led up to the events shown in the trailer.

Nero wants to get back something he lost. Not sure if this refers to his Demon arm or something happened to Kyrie again (he screamed her name in the trailer when attacked by the hooded man)Nero left behind someone (male) before heading to the city. Could this refer to the yet to be revealed third playable character?

New information is coming later in the Summer.

Devil May Cry 5 Director confirms Nero's lineage and reason for new design

Devil May Cry 5 is set to release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One before end of March 2019.

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