Devil May Cry 5 Domain Registered By Capcom, Resident Evil 2 Domain Updated

Capcom has registered the domain for Devil May Cry 5 ahead of the upcoming E3 2018. This adds to a growing list of evidence that suggests that a brand new Devil May Cry game will be announced soon. Rumors about Devil May Cry have been making the rounds since last year, however Capcom has yet to make a formal announcement for the game.

Devil May Cry series has been put on the backburner since the reboot of the game by Ninja Theory was released. The reboot garnered a lot of hate from fans and essentially put the franchise on hiatus until the beginning of this generation.

The domain registration for Devil May Cry happened just a few days ago (via resetERA). The company that registered the domain is the same as the one for other Capcom franchises including the recent Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 7. Coincidentally, they have also update the Resident Evil 2 domain, perhaps hinting at another E3 reveal.

Devil May Cry returned this generation beginning with a Special Edition for Devil May Cry 4 that added several new characters. The end credits for Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition included a tease for a brand new game. This was followed by a Devil May Cry HD collection featuring all of the 3 original Devil May Cry games. There was also a huge leak that detailed most of Devil May Cry and pointed towards Capcom looking for a venue in order to announce the game and with E3 getting close, this might be the time when fans can finally hear about a new game in the series after waiting for so long.

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