Devil May Cry 5: How to Play Co-Op?

Capcom’s latest title, Devil May Cry 5 was developed as a single-player title but offers Co-op feature as well. Those wondering how to play Co-op in Devil May Cry 5 will find this guide helpful.

The Co-op system developed by Capcom for Devil May Cry 5 works as an additional option with the single-player mode rather than being a separate mode. Read on to find out more about Co-op mode.

How to play Co-Op in Devil May Cry 5?

The Co-op mode in Devil May Cry 5, teams you up with players randomly. The Co-op mode does not allow you to select your team yourself. Moreover, the multiplayer mode can only have up to three players.

The game basically uses a system that works in the background and matches up you up with players on the same section as you but using opposite characters. Also, during your missions, you will see them fighting alongside you. Capcom, with this Co-op mode, has aimed to make a multiplayer system that works smoothly with single-player gameplay of Devil May Cry 5.

How to team up with friends in Devil May Cry 5?

While using the Co-op mode in Devil May Cry 5, you can not select who you are teaming up with. However, the game does prioritize your friends when finding a match for you. So if your friends are online and are playing in the same section then there are high chances that they will be in your team.

What if the Co-Op mode cannot find a match for you in Devil May Cry 5?

In case the Co-op mode cannot find a match for you in Devil May Cry 5 then you will match up with an AI. The AI will mimic a playing style from an actual player.

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Devil May Cry 5 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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