Devil May Cry 5: How to unlock DMD Mode from the start

Devil May Cry 5 has several difficluty settings including DMD Mode or Dante Must Die Mode, read on to find out what it is and how to unlock it from the start.

DMD Mode or Dante Must Die Mode is a series staple in the Devil May Cry series and is considered the “Very Hard” difficulty setting.

What is DMD Mode in Devil May Cry 5?

In DMD Mode enemies are much tougher and have almost double the amount of health. They also use craftier combos that can take away a chunk of your health pretty quickly.

How to Unlock Devil May Cry 5 DMD Mode (Dante Must Die Mode) from the start

Usually to unlock Devil May Cry 5’s DMD Mode you’ll need to first finish the campaign at a difficulty below it, which is SOS Mode or Son of Sparda Mode. However you can unlock DMD Mode from the first time you play the game.

To do this you need to beat Urizen during the prologue, which is a very tough task but doable. After you beat Urzen you’ll automatically unlock SOS Mode and DMD Mode.

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