Devil May Cry 5: Does Nero have a Devil Trigger?

Nero returns in Devil May Cry 5 as one of the main protagonists alongside Dante and V, but unlike Devil May Cry 4 does he have a Devil Trigger in this game?

The brash and loud mouthed Nero mad his first appearance in Devil May Cry 4 to a mostly favorable responsible. Which if you think about is quite a feat as he was essentially intended to replace Dante, a clear fan-favorite since the development team wanted to try out a new direction. Dante was later added to the story as a side-protagonist side Capcom feared sending out Nero alone could cripple the character. However in the end it all worked out and I’m sure we’re all happy that Nero is back in Devil May Cry 5.

The post contains spoilers so stop reading if you want to avoid spoilers.

Just like the Sons of Sparda, Vergil and Dante, Nero is able to use the Devil Trigger.

What is the Devil Trigger?

The Devil Trigger is a special ability usable by Demons and Demon/Human Hybrids that grants them great power when activated.

Nero is a Demon/Human Hybrid and part of the Sparda bloodline, which was confirmed by the game’s developers although his debut game didn’t confirm that much.

Didn’t Nero already have a Devil Trigger?

Unlike the Devil Trigger Transformations of Dante, Vergil and other characters; Nero’s is very different. Nero’s Devil Trigger first activates in Mission 6 of Devil May Cry 4 which he is able to get his hands on Vergil’s Devil Arm, the Yamato which activates the super powerful form. Nero’s Devil Trigger takes the form of a ghost behind him, not altering his human appearance at all.

Fans consider this a half transformation, so there’s certainly some hype for Devil May Cry 5 to feature Nero’s proper Devil Trigger transformation after all the developers have had that in plan judging by the Devil May Cry 4 artbook which had proper images of the transformation.

Nero’s Devil May Cry 5 Devil Trigger

Fans will be glad to know that Devil May Cry 5 does feature a full Nero Devil Trigger, which is very integral to the story. The DT first makes its appearance towards in the end of the game, where things get really crazy.

Nero’s full Devil Trigger is also super strong, and much stronger than the base Devil Triggers of Vergil and Dante when you see it in action. Check out Devil May Cry 5’s Nero Devil Trigger here. Looks cool right? Almost like an Onimusha.

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