Devil May Cry 5: Is Nero Vergil’s Son?

Many are looking forward to Devil May Cry 5 confirming if Nero is Vergil’s son after years of speculation.

Ever since Nero’s introduction to the series back in 2008’s Devil May Cry 4, he has been speculated to be part of the Sparda lineage, particularly to be the son of Vergil one of the twin sons of Sparda.

Confirmation of Nero being Vergil’s Son by the developers

Back in June of last year, Devil May Cry 5 producer Matthew Walker talked about Nero’s design and how they wanted to “express” that he was Vergil’s son. However this was just an out-of-game confirmation.

Why do people think Nero is Vergi’s Son?

Nero being Vergil’s son hasn’t been directly addressed in the games so far, but its strongly hinted at. For one Nero is able to use Yamato, Vergi’s Katana without any problems and resonate with it to access a half Devil Trigger.

Dante also had no problems leaving Yamato with Nero post events of Devil May Cry 4, probably hinting that it was okay to keep it in the family.

We’re now going to be getting into spoiler territory of Devil May Cry 5 so please read at your own discretion. 

Good with that? Lets continue.

Does Devil May Cry 5 confirm that Nero is Vergil’s son?

Yamato is also the item that at the start of Devil May Cry 5, brings father and son face to face. This is during one of the scenes shown in the first trailer of the game when a hooded figure tears away Nero’s arm, which houses Yamato. Vergil then uses Yamato to tear open a portal and get away while Nero faints from the pain.

Devil May Cry 5 has several instances of Nero being confirmed to be Vergil’s son, such as this where Dante explicitly mentions to Dante that Vergil is his father.

After finishing the game, you also get Vergil sitting alongside Nero in the Main Menu screen.

Overall this is as much of a confirmation you can get of Vergil being Nero’s father in Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5 is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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