Devil May Cry 5 Nudity Is Censored For PS4 In West, Comparison Inside

Devil May Cry 5 features some nudity that is apparently censored in the Western release of the game. Strangely enough, this censorship doesn’t apply to the Japanese version.

Devil May Cry 5 has a day one update that apparently implements this weird censorship in one of the cutscenes. The cutscene can be considered a major spoiler but if you have no issue in getting spoiled, it can be seen in this video.

What basically happens is that Dante frees Trish from one of the demons who is taking control of her body. She falls down completely naked and Dante jumps up to grab her. During this brief moment, you can see her from the behind, fully nude in the cutscene.

There is a lens flare like effect in the Western version with day one patch installed, but if you have a retail copy, you can install the game without the update and then play it to get the same uncensored cutscene as the Japanese version.

Sony has been in a crazy censorship policy recently where they are doing it to most of the niche games from Japan. They are catching a lot of flak for it, but Devil May Cry 5 marks it the first time this censorship has affected a major game from a Japanese developer.

It is just a minor nitpick considering how fast this all plays out in the cutscene, but the way Sony is enforcing it is proving troublesome for the niche devs who already have a limited budget but need multiple resubmissions to pass Sony’s official certifications.

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