Devil May Cry 5: Who is Urizen?

Urizen is the main protagonist of Devil May Cry 5, but his exact identity is still unknown, so just who is Urizen?

Urizen is a new character introduced in Devil May Cry 5 that holds the “Demon King” title in the underworld. V mentions to Nero and Dante that Urizen is more powerful that Mundus and Argosax, some of the most powerful beings to ever exist.

His main goal is to get the fruit of the Qliphoth Tree he is growing in Red Grave City by harvesting the blood of humans to get the power to rule the underworld.

The popular theory about Urizen is that he’s Vergil but things aren’t just that simple.

Just who is Urizen in Devil May Cry 5?

Although its true that Urizen is Vergil, he’s the demon half of him. At the start of the game, Vergil visits Nero in a very weakened state to get back his sword, the Yamato, which he does by tearing off his arm. Vergil then uses Yamato to divide his human and demon forms which become V and Urizen respectively.

The Urizen goes on his mission to become stronger, although its not clear yet if Vergil was still in control when he’s off killing people to get the fruit to grow. V on the other hand tries to stop him, with him being the human side of Vergil, cares for the people Urizen is killing. Towards the end of the game, Urizen and V do join and help reform Vergil who is now completely fine due to Urizen eating the fruit.

Although Urizen and V both are part of Vergil, each of them have their own personality and traits that make it really hard to guess their real identities until the game reveals it. I do however think that the twist was too obvious, what about you? Let us know in the comments below.

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Devil May Cry 5 is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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