Devil May Cry 5: Who is V?

V is a brand new character to the Devil May Cry franchise and is one of the three protagonists of Devil May Cry 5 alongside Nero and Dante. V is very mysterious and almost nothing is known about him but there’s a ton of speculation already around about him, so just who is V? Lets cover that in this article.

Do note that this article will have spoilers for the game, so read at your discretion. 

Literally dubbed the Mysterious Man, V is a slender tall man with a cane that has the ability to summon demons to fight on his behalf. This is why his gameplay will be quite different to that of Nero and Dante.

The game’s director Hideaki Itsuno confirmed that V and Nico were the first characters that the team came up with, making him very important to the plot of the game. Itsuno also said in an interview that V was his favorite character, so he must be something special don’t you think?

The popular theory and the most obvious one is that V could be Vergil. Well things aren’t just that simple.

Just who is V in Devil May Cry 5?

The truth behind V is that he is indeed Vergil, however the human part. At the start of Devil May Cry 5 Vergil visits Nero and steals his arm to get the Yamato. Vergil then uses the Yamato to divide his human and demon half. The human half becomes V while the demon half becomes Urizen. Yeah I know, quite the expected twist.

Due to Vergil’s state when he was dividing himself, V doesn’t have much time left and is dying. So he wants to unite with his other half, that being Urizen. So he asks Dante to take care of Urizen since he’s not strong enough to take him on alone. Dante then, accompanied by Lady and Trish, gets his ass handed to him in his first encounter with Urizen. V is then forced to look up Nero, so he can take Urizen on alongside Dante.

This eventually happens by the end of the game, with Vergil being reborn. Urizen ended up eating the fruit he was growing from Qliphoth Tree so the reborn Vergil is just fine now.

Seeing V again in a future Devil May Cry game

We just hope V comes back in a future game or DLC in some sort of way as he was a pretty interesting character. It was definitely disappointing to see him go away like that for some unneeded character development for Vergil.

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Devil May Cry 5 is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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