Devil May Cry Trademark Renewed By Capcom In Europe

Devil May Cry series has missed out on most of the fun this generation however rumors have started to surface regarding the next major mainline game in the series. Now Capcom has renewed the Devil May Cry trademark listing in Europe in what could be described as a plan to relaunch the series beginning with the upcoming Devil May Cry HD Collection.

Devil May Cry trademark listing update has only happened in Europe as seen in the image below. The rumors of a Devil May Cry 5 point towards an announcement at E3 2018 so we will have to wait to see if Capcom is indeed working on the series for the current generation consoles.

There have already been multiple hints pointing towards a new game beginning with a tease at the end of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition and further updates from the series producer, Hideki Itsuno. He was supposed to reveal his next project last year but things didn’t materialize, but he is still hopeful that he might get the chance to show it soon.

Devil May Cry has mostly seen remasters this generation with the Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition and Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. This will be further bolstered by the launch of the upcoming Devil May Cry HD collection featuring the first 3 games in the series for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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