Devs Stated That The System Shock Remake Release Has Been Delayed To 2018

A lot of fans have been waiting for a remake of perhaps one of the most influential games in history – System Shock. Nightdive Studios had scheduled the remake to be released in 2017, but in an update to the Kickstarter page, the devs stated that the game will now be released next year.

“Our goal is to launch on PC/Mac/Linux/Xbox One/PS4 by Q2 of 2018. Not sure if it will be a simultaneous launch, but we’ll do our best.” noted the devs. It was further explained by the devs how the he team has started work on Vertical Slice.


“The purpose of VS (Vertical Slice) is mainly to answer questions,” stated devs. “Often times on a game project, devs don’t actually know how long something will take to create. Basically, VS lets us prove our pipelines and narrow down how the game should and shouldn’t play. By the end of VS, we’ll have a better understanding of what we can achieve with the time/budget we have, and have a more accurate plan moving forward to create a quality game.”

The game has successfully raised $1.35 million through its Kickstarter campaign. Hopefully this delay will ensure that the game does justice to the original by providing users with an amazing experience.


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