Diablo 3 celebrates its birthday with various boosts

It seemed so long ago that Diablo 3 launched yet it was a mere one year ago when the highly anticipated sequel was released to the masses. To celebrate the game, along with the various ups and downs that it has experienced, Blizzard is having a bit of a birthday bash and offering up players a variety of boosts.

From now until May 21, players will receive a 25 percent boost to their EXP and Magic Find, stackable on top of the cap of 300 that is already in place. If you were waiting for the right time to try to find some legendaries or level up another alt, now would be the best time to do it.


In addition to the official Blizzard offering, many Diablo 3 streamers on Twitch.tv are holding their own contests and giveaways as they play through the game. You can find a full schedule of streamers and giveaways here.

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