DICE acknowledges Media Molecule’s Dreams for pushing the boundaries of real-time rendering

During SIGGRAPH 2015, Frostbite Technical director at DICE Johan Andersson conducted a presentation on the future of the graphics engine. He talked in detail regarding the rendering pipeline, and the challenges met with development on the current generation platforms. In addition to EA’s own Need for Speed title, the presentation briefly acknowledges the technology that Media Molecule has used for its forthcoming title, Dreams. The specific slide is titled “real-time rendering have gotten quite far!”

The aforementioned slide from the presentation can be seen below.


Media Molecule has also conducted its own presentation on Dreams at this year’s SIGGRAPH. The developer discussed several rendering techniques that it decided to use for its forthcoming PS4 exclusive title, but eventually abandoned for one reason or another during the course of its development. To check out Media Molecule’s own presentation on Dreams, follow the link here.

Not a whole lot is known about Dreams at this point, though going by the E3 2015 trailer, it appears to have a heavy emphasis on user-generated content. No release date has been announced for the PS4 exclusive, but we’ll keep you updated in this regard as more information becomes available.

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