DICE adds an Option to Purchase Battlepacks in Battlefield 4

DICE is giving Battlefield 4 players the option to obtain in-game items such as weapon attachments, camouflage patterns, XP boosts, Battlelog emblems and portraits without doing anything at all.

You can now obtain these items by purchasing Battlepacks which you receive in Battlefield 4’s online multiplayer. Before Battlepacks were purchasable, you could only obtain these Battlepacks by ranking up but now you can purchases these Battlepacks as well. There are three tiers of Battlepacks which are Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Players will still be able to obtain these Battlepacks through leveling or ranking up, but now they will have an additional option of purchasing them. The Battlepacks are quite cheap as the Bronze Battlepack is avaiable for $1, Silver Battlepack is avaiable for $2 and the Gold Battlepack is avaiable for $3.

Micro-transactions are a norm for all game developers nowadays as almost every developer has add-ons available for their game. Take Call of Duty for example, Infinity Ward as well as Treyarch added numerous purchasable items aside from the map packs like Weapon Camos, Customization packs and so on. Aside from the monetary part of this add-on, people will gladly purchase these Battlepacks as Battlefield 4 has several unlockable items which can be a bit tedious to unlock so the purchasable Battlepack option makes it easy for people to unlock items that they want, but it can also take the fun out of the game as you don’t put in any effort into unlocking these items, and instead you just purchase them.

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