DICE Prioritized Graphical Fidelity over Resolution for Star Wars Battlefront

DICE recently spoke out about the technical performance of Star Wars Battlefront after tons of criticism about the game’s frame rate and resolution. The game runs at 900p and 720p on PS4 and Xbox One respectively. The technical director of the game, Johan Andersson, says that he prioritizes frame rate over resolution in order to achieve the best possible results. He also mentioned the following:

Frame rate and fidelity is indeed king; don’t want to sacrifice it for resolution. But a choice each game team does.

A previous analysis of the game revealed that both PS4 and Xbox One are targeting 60fps. However, this frame rate is expected to drop in the game during some particularly intense encounters/fights. Along with DICE, the director of Final Fantasy XV, Hajime Tabata also said “frame rate is more important than resolution” for Square Enix RPGs.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to launch on November 17 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Meanwhile, the game’s beta has been extended until October 13th.

Do you agree with Johan Andersson’s views on performance vs image quality? Let us know in the comments below.

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